An Exciting New Project - The Foodie Guide

After shooting for other book and magazine publishers for years I've finally decided to take all that I have learnt and publish my own coffee table/lifestyle Recipe Book that showcases the North Shores Restaurants and Foodie scene! "The Foodie Guide - North Shore" will be under a Christmas Tree near you.

It's an exciting time and slightly nerve-racking but the concept is a no-brainer for restaurants to take part in. It literally pays for itself (by participating Restaurants selling the book to their customers) and very few other marketing methods (I haven't found any) delve into the behind the scenes history, philosophy and story of the business. Foodies love the back story.

I'm most excited about being able to shoot the photography specifically for the book, it will have usefully information and great Recipes but also be stunning visually.

Stay tuned for more... it's going to be a busy year!

*Working Cover Design

EDIT... This became "The North Shore Foodie" and has almost sold out!