Dusk Exterior Home Photography 2.

Further to my last post I thought I would add a gif I made of each of the composite layers used to make a finished photo.

This method is called light painting. I use it in all my shoots one way or another depending on style of the home, time-frame and of course budget.

I'm shooting with my phone tethered to my camera via wifi so I can both see what I'm shooting real time and change all the settings of the camera. The flash is on the end of a studio stand so I can get it into places where the drop shadows are minimal. I also have a tungsten gel over the flash to match the homes artificial light and contrast the natural blue evening light. 

There are 38 separate frames in this gif each representing an exposure from the shoot, in reality the finished image is a composite of about 12 of these. I both went a bit over board onsite and was shooting with a mind to try a couple of different styles out.   

Below is one of the resulting finished images and the one that balances the natural and artificial light the best. 

Dusk or evening photography doesn't necessarily mean dark. There is a lot of work out there that is only really blasts of artificial light coming from a house that is essentially hidden in the shadows. In this case the artificial light is there but not dominating, the natural light shows the real colors and textures of the homes finish and there are some nice little highlights in the garden to contain the eye and add interest.