'Side Project' Architecture Shoots


The photos I post here are usually either directly related to my day-to-day architecture work or have nothing to do with it... like landscapes or nature. But there is a middle road between these that I haven't posted until now.

As often as I can (but not as often as I'd like) I shoot architecture that isn't commissioned by any client, ie 'Side Projects', as a way of trying out new ideas and I often look at it from a fine art point of view as opposed to commercial. The upside of this is there is no pressure and therefore I can take more risks, the downside is that I can't control things as much as I could if it were a commissioned shoot.

I'm starting to build a folio of this type of work but here are 4 of my favorites that have completely different look and feel. 

Melbourne Museum. A good example of a  Side Project, I doubt the architect would love this photo because straightening the perspective distortion has really exaggerated the 'shard' which isn't nearly as extreme as this in real life. I still like it, sometimes (and I could argue most times) photography  is not meant to always represent reality perfectly. The fact is if I were to explain this architecture to you in words I would probably emphasize the 'shard' feature and that is just what this photo is doing. Photography is a combination of reality and memory and memory is imperfect.

Office Building Detail. To extend on the above point, good Architectural Photography should lean toward Fine Art in style while describing a structures design features or purpose. I'm not sure this is quite Fine Art but it begins the process of deconstructing what is a fairly straight forward office building design and emphasizes its basic shapes, the effects of the lines and the interaction  the materials have with the sunset colors.

BCIT Aerospace Engineering Building Vancouver. This is best viewed large. I shot this while I was waiting for my car to be serviced. It has had a lot of Photoshop love because it really was a less than ideal day to be shooting. I'll ignore the actual image here and just say this was an example of getting something from nothing. I had an hour or 2 to kill and was trying to put off going and sitting in Tim Horton's and eating my weight in Boston Creams. I found a little stretch of river in an uninspiring corner of Richmond and willed myself to pull the camera out of the bag. I had recently read that sometimes you just need to stop and turn your brain off to get an idea for a shot. So I just lingered  for a while. Eventually I started getting ideas and this was one of them. It ended up being a productive hour or so and there are a bunch of shots I'm currently working on. I still ended up in Timmy's though because it started raining... like I needed an excuse.

Vancouver Docks in Fog. Is this Architectural Photography? Yes, because I say so.

Vancouver Docks. Ok, maybe it is Industrial Photography. But since I am the client I can call it what I want, that's the beauty of the 'Side Project'.

I'll post more of this work as I build the folio and eventually add it to my actual website. If you are in Vancouver and have any location ideas for me to look at for this type of 'Side Project' let me know and I'll add it to my list.