Bald Eagles Everywhere.

A couple of weekends ago we headed up to Harrison Mills for the Bald Eagle Festival. Annually and only for a week or so several thousand Bald Eagles descend on a small flat wetlands section of the Harrison River near its junction with the Fraser River.

The reason we were given for this massive congregation is that the salmon are spawning, but presumably the salmon are spawning all over BC so why so many in one place?

The only other thing we could think of was that the estuary has the right depth and flow for the Eagles to stand in the water and wait for dead or dying salmon to float by... thus saving energy.

Whatever the reason it was spectacular, especially for someone who has only seen a dozen or so in the distance before. It was a great excuse to get out the long (heavy) lens and work on my biceps and shoulders, clearly my day to day work on tripods isn't giving me a workout!