Before and After... Photo Editing

With Fall well and truly here external photo shoots are less (or not at all) likely to have naturally blue skies and in the wrong hands the facade photos can be flat and boring.

This is no reason to not book shoots in though. Check out these examples of before and after editing.

This home was shot on a day that had high almost total cloud cover. The addition of the blue sky that still looks natural and is masked behind the trees properly, the straightening of the perspective and the contrast and saturation adjustments have made the home pop.

This shoot was almost cancelled because there had been rain and wind all day. I just happened to be around the corner from the address on an internal shoot so the Landscape Architect who had booked me said lets go have a look and see what happens. We ended up not having to re-book the shoot because we got half a dozen good images of the pool area before losing the light all together. Notice the hint of fire in the fireplace and image on the TV screen?

This Builders Display home had to be shot on a dismal evening due to a magazine deadline so putting in a nice sky was necessary. Because it was a display home the garage was the sales office and had temporary glass doors in place, on top of this there was an concrete pad in the garden and the neighbors homes were distracting. The edited result focuses attention on the house, where it should be.

Where possible I always book shoots where the weather looks good, but home owners availability and deadlines occasionally mean a work around is necessary... it's good to have options.