Every Photo is worth 1000 Keywords

This week I've been spending a lot of time SEO-ing. It sucks. For the past 8 years, in Melbourne, I've been trading almost solely on word of mouth.

Doing a couple of pretty much free weddings for a guy one summer directly led to shooting for a group of design magazines and this led directly to having 2 coffee table books published with me as sole the photographer. I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed shooting the weddings a little more had I known... (I'm not a big fan of shooting weddings).

Unfortunately, this word of mouth marketing didn't quite spread to Vancouver and now I'm based here I need to turn my website from a thing people look at once they hear about me from a friend/client/friend of friend into something people might find when searching for... 

"Architectural or Commercial Photographer Vancouver"

... in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. (That is in H1 because Googlebots give a slight preference to H1 terms).

So I've been Keyword-ing all my photos madly. This is tricky because I don't want too many words on the site so 90% of the work you can't even see. There are lots of resources out there that help with keyword generation but you really need to think what will people type into Google if they are looking for me?

And here is the point of this post... I came up with a (complicated) phrase that explains what I do and sort of used it as a basis to build keywords.


What I do...

Emphasize the architectural and/or design features, (structural design, lifestyle design, colours, textures)...

...while showing how the space and/or thing and/or process works physically (flow, lines of sight, scale, how one space relates to another, purpose)...

...in a creative, attractive and balanced image (composition, color, tone, lighting).


Simple really.

If you're reading this it would be good to hear how you found me... leave a comment!