I have entered the APPAs! The Australian Professional Photography Awards. If the judges like them it is the first step in collecting award merits to rise through the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) membership levels.

I decided to only enter the Commercial/Architectural section, some of my non-commissioned stuff might have done ok in the Art or Illustrative sections but I like the idea of being judged on work that was shot specifically for a client.

These are the 4 images I entered, commissioned in order by Interior Designer Peter Schaad, Pool Builder Lifestyle Pools, Kitchen Designer and Builders Orana Kitchens and Architects Arch:10.

These images represent the best of my Architectural Photography at them moment.They are what I consider 'straight' architectural photography, meaning I composed and edited the photos to show off the clients work as naturally as possible without stylising filters or dramatic editing. It will be interesting to see how this style goes in the awards.

That said a lot of photoshopping has been done... the exteriors are composites of around 7 different exposures and on top of that there are numerous adjustment layers in each... but the finished result is meant to look essentially how you would see it with your naked eye in real life.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Wish me luck, judging is on 26th May at the PMAs.
(And thanks to Ali for convincing me to edit this post!)