Time-Lapse Fun in Docklands


This week I've been playing around with time-lapse sequences or movies... here is one of my early tries and I'll be adding some more interesting ones in the future. Check it out...

This one is all about the colors on the buildings, sky and water so there are not many moving elements, which are fun in time lapse, but as an exercise there was a lot of technical lighting stuff that shooting this gave me the chance to fine tune. You can see this especially in the sky as it gets dark quickly... occasionally it looks like it flashes slightly... this is the exposure being changed in small steps and reducing this obviously something to practice.

Shooting this reinforced a theory I have had for a while... that is not until you stop in a location for a while that you actually see the details and therefore see the photo options. Most of the time when I am street shooting or going after landscapes or nature I plan a rough A to B path and look for shots between the two. This seems efficient but it is important to force yourself to stop in a seemingly boring location and take it in... you would be surprised how often, after a while, you start seeing shots you would have missed.

Shooting time lapses forces you to stop (in order to keep an eye on the camera) and I'll be making the most of the backup camera in the mean time.