The EUREKA Shoot


The 4 hours I had on the roof of the Eureka Tower last night felt like 5 minutes. 3 Cameras, 2 Time-lapses and almost 20Gb of shooting... yes that is Gigabytes.

There was probably about 20% more cloud cover than I would have liked so the day shots were a bit flat and there wasn't much blue around BUT according to the tower management a night as calm as last night is rare up there. Apparently even the best tripods can have issues remaining rightside up most of the time so I'm not complaining.

This is going to sound obvious but it is a big building. From the top of Eureka the top of the Rialto is below the horizon... and not by a little bit. Even the office towers at the top of Collins Hill (Collins 101 etc) are well below the horizon. I could go on and on about the view/experience but I doubt anyone is reading this and are already looking at the pictures.

Firstly, a big thank-you to Will Watt who arranged access to the roof. He is a great photographer and runs the awesome blog...

Melbourne Street

... where he post a new photo every day of life on Melbourne Streets. I'm sure Melbourne Street will have some of his shots form last night on it soon too.

Here he is hard at work...


So here are a selection of shots from the shoot in rough chronological order and various stages of editing.... Enjoy!


The good old Miniature or Tilt Shift Effect. I have about 30 more of these to look at when I get a chance... time consuming/wasting fun!


 This is the shot (or a similar version) that I went up for... it will be use in the Laneways and Rooftops book as a double pager.


 Above and Below... similar angles here day and night...


That's it for now... I will definitely be putting up another post soon with the time-lapses... and if you like... maybe some more stills. Remember to 'like' my Facebook business page if you haven't already... it's good for my ego.