Not my normal work...


I'm really excited to have been asked to take part in a fine art and literature book being put together by some graphic designer and publisher friends of mine... (more details when it is finalised). So I thought I would post my submission here as a sneak peak.

It is very different work than from my commercial work but photography for arts-sake is a direction I see myself heading in bit by bit down the track. You may recognise the concept in an earlier stage of development from a post in February. I have some other work and ideas to support this image in a series which I might post in the future too.

Here is the text I submitted with the image explaining my motivations and feelings behind the concept... I would love to hear any feed back you might have.

" is an intentionally hyper-symbolic statement in which the viewer is (hopefully) encouraged to assign their own values to each symbol and therefore create their own overall story.

To me the table place setting composition speaks of consumerism and/or the necessities of life, the bubbles of CO2 are the hidden environmental cost of this and the heart represents both the life and death nature of the decisions associated with this and questions what is really important in life. To me this is emphasised by the subversion of the glossy commercial magazine genre by using clinical studio lighting and the pure white background on such a graphic subject. But that's just me!


Sorry about the watermark...(there is a good reason for it, I'll tell you about one day!)