First Post... Laneways and Rooftops and Melb at 500.

Welcome to my first blog post. I solemnly swear to post a photo a week which was taken that week either for a client or some form of project or random idea that I am flirting with at that time.

Being the first post I would also like to ask if anyone has any connections to Bars, Restaurants or Cafes in Melbourne that are on Laneways or Rooftops they may be interested in knowing about a recipe/travel book I am currently shooting for... let me know if you would like more info. It's called Melbourne's Laneways and Rooftops.

Photo of the week... since I have the Christmas week off catching up on the things you don't have the stamina for through out the year... ie, update website (tick), start blog (tick), do gst (tomorrow I promise)... this weeks photo is the first in a side project I have started called Melbourne at 500mm.

This came from the idea that because I am always shooting interiors of restaurants and homes or landscapey architectural exteriors I am always shooting wider than 50mm focal length. This project will force me to think longer focal lengths... 500mm minimum... it is a different game, with different rules and needs a different eye. If you would like to join me with your camera while honing said eye and wandering the streets, carpark roofs or riverbanks let me know.

The idea (and the idea to actually play around with a blog for my own sake if nothing else) also partially comes from Will Watt and his awesome blog Melbourne Street where he shoots a photo a day that captures the life of Melbourne.