Forge Properties and the 2016 Georgie Awards

I'm super excited with the news the Forge Properties took out the 2016 Grand Georgie Award for Residential Community of the Year AND Best Multi-Family Low Rise Development AND Best Display Suit Interior Design with their Royce development in White Rock, BC.

The Georgies Awards celebrate the pinnacle of development and construction in BC and working with the Forge team it was a pleasure to supply the photos that went into their award entry. 

The awards are judged entirely on the photos of the entries along with a detailed written description so the pressure was on me to capture the real 3D beauty of the Royce building in a limited number of photos.

Here is a sample of what we got.

More info here... (I just realised they also used my photos to promote the awards across the media too... very honoured.)

An Exciting New Project - The Foodie Guide

After shooting for other book and magazine publishers for years I've finally decided to take all that I have learnt and publish my own coffee table/lifestyle Recipe Book that showcases the North Shores Restaurants and Foodie scene! "The Foodie Guide - North Shore" will be under a Christmas Tree near you.

It's an exciting time and slightly nerve-racking but the concept is a no-brainer for restaurants to take part in. It literally pays for itself (by participating Restaurants selling the book to their customers) and very few other marketing methods (I haven't found any) delve into the behind the scenes history, philosophy and story of the business. Foodies love the back story.

I'm most excited about being able to shoot the photography specifically for the book, it will have usefully information and great Recipes but also be stunning visually.

Stay tuned for more... it's going to be a busy year!

*Working Cover Design

EDIT... This became "The North Shore Foodie" and has almost sold out!

Residential Dusk Photos (again!)

I believe this is the 3rd post out of 4 to cover this subject so I'll be brief. Here are 3 dusk external images of a beautiful West Coast Modern Home by Wallmark Homes that were taken on the same evening.

I see a lot of dusk photography that is taken much too late in the evening and literally all you see is blown out artificial light in a sea of pretty much black. I think dusk shoots should be about finding that time where the artificial and ambient lighting is balanced. This way you retain the detail in the finishings (in this case the stone and wood work) but also have the impact of the lighting design.

In these 3 examples the first is just slightly on the early side, the middle is spot on perfect timing and the third is slightly on the late side. I normally are rushing to get 2 images (as you can see in previous posts a lot goes into each image) but in this case I managed to squeeze in three.

I'm a Publisher...

I have published a book. That probably sounds a little more grand than the reality but it is technically true. Click on the link below and you can purchase a 70 page coffee table photo book of a selection of my domestic architectural work from over the years. 

I put this together as something to show potential future clients and to give as gifts. It isn't burdened by my writing, just a broad selection of interior and exterior home design photography.